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    Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013

    In the 1960s, Arieh Warshel and Michael Levitt were scientists at the Institute when they developed a computer program to model large biological molecules. Now, along with colleague Martin Karplus, they have received the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry ""for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems.""

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    Oldest Use of Flowers in Grave Lining

    When we think of our prehistoric ancestors, we don't usually imagine them lining graves with flowers. Yet they did – and Dr. Elisabetta Boaretto has now identified the oldest such grave. Head of Weizmann's new Dangoor – Research Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (D-REAMS) lab, she will use this powerful technology to solve archaeology's mysteries.

  • Science Tips, May 2014

    Three updates from the Weizmann Institute: TEDx talks on campus about excellence in science and science education; the search for paternal mitochondria yields surprising results; strange shapes in RNA may be notations on top of the gene code.

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    Israeli Team Takes Medals in Math Olympiad

    The team – comprised of high-school students who trained at Weizmann – representing Israel at the International Mathematical Olympiad has won six medals – one gold, three silver, and two bronze. The Israeli team was ranked 13th among 97 participating countries at this 54th Olympiad, held July 18 – 28 in Santa Marta, Colombia. Last year, the Israeli team ranked 31st.

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    300,000-Year-Old Hearth Found

    Dr. Ruth Shahack-Gross of Weizmann's Kimmel Center for Archeological Science, part of a team of Israeli scientists, used high-tech tools to identify proof of repeated fire-building over time. The ancient hearth, found in the Qesem Cave, helps answer questions such as, ""when did people begin to control and use fire?""