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  • global-gatherin-israel-bar-joseph
    Weizmann Global Gathering 2014: Partners in Innovation, Prof. Israel Bar-Joseph

    Prof. Israel Bar-Joseph, the Weizmann Institute's Vice President for Resource Development, opens the ""Partners in Innovation"" session of the 2014 Global Gathering. Speaking at Rockefeller University, he discusses the highly competitive process of recruiting the very best young scientists, and the importance of philanthropic support in helping to bring these top new researchers to campus.

  • azrieli
    The Azrieli National Institute for Human Brain Imaging and Research

    The human brain has 100 billion neurons and 1,000 times more synaptic connections than there are stars in our galaxy. It is ""the most complex challenge that science has ever encountered,"" says Prof. Israel Bar-Joseph, who appears in this video along with Dr. Assaf Tal, Dr. Amnon Bar-Shir, Dr. Edna Furman-Haran, Prof. Lucio Frydman, Prof. Rafi Malach, Prof. Noam Sobel, Prof. Yadin Dudai, and Institute president Prof. Daniel Zajfman…

  • a-year-in-review
    The Weizmann Institute of Science – A Year in Review: 2014

    This lively video provides a graphic narrative of the Weizmann Institute of Science's goings-on in 2014. Set to music, it covers awards, successes, programs, new scientists, and more. Clever animations move us seamlessly from topic to topic, country to country.

  • 65th-general-meeting-of-the-board
    Highlights from the 65th Annual International Board Meeting

    This highlight reel from the 65th Annual General Meeting of the Weizmann Institute's International Board, November 2014, features scenes from the multi-day event: philanthropists and members of the Weizmann family from all over the world, scientists and Institute leadership, talks and presentations, lab visits, and events on campus.

  • karina-tn
    2016 Midwest Region Women for Science Luncheon

    The Midwest Region hosted the 6<sup>th</sup> Annual Women for Science Luncheon, an inspiring event honoring women who change lives. The program included a presentation by the Weizmann Institute's Dr. Karina Yaniv, and recognized the 2016 Vision and Impact Award honoree Dr. Janice Feinberg.

  • global-gathering-highlights-2014
    Weizmann Global Gathering 2014: Highlights

    This video provides a quick day-by-day overview of the thrilling 2014 Weizmann Institute Global Gathering. Held in New York City, it had, as Institute President Prof. Daniel Zajfman said, a record ""420 people from 13 different countries.""

  • ted-teplow-70th-reflections
    Ted Teplow: Reflections on the Occasion of the of the American Committee's 70th Anniversary

    ""Growing up in my family, you couldn't help but be involved with Weizmann,"" says Ted Teplow, part of the extended family that included Dewey David Stone, the philanthropist and Zionist who played a tremendous role in the Institute's founding and growth. Mr. Teplow reminisced on the occasion of the American Committee's 70th birthday.

  • Philanthropists_Reflect_on_the_Weizmann_Institute_of_Science
  • incpm-video-tn
    The Nancy and Stephen Grand Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine

    Personalized medicine is about people, and in this video, people talk about personalized medicine – specifically, the Weizmann Institute's Nancy and Stephen Grand Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine (G-INCPM). The G-INCPM is ramping up operations, filling its labs, ushering us into the future of medicine. Listen to the Grands, other philanthropists, Institute leadership, and scientists discuss the G-INCPM and its importance.

  • global-gathering-elad-schneidman
    Weizmann Global Gathering 2014: Partners in Creativity at Lincoln Center, Prof. Elad Schneidman

    In his role as part of the science and modern dance performance at Lincoln Center, Prof. Elad Schneidman describes how he is ""learning to read the language of the brain"" – revealing how the brain makes words, sentences, paragraphs. As he speaks, dancers move about him – as individuals, then building on their connections – in an interpretation of this language.