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  • Scientists Find Signs of Missing "God Particle"

    Weizmann Institute of Science astrophysicists have been prominent in the experiments that have shown ""promising signs"" of the existence of the Higgs boson – the ""God particle"" – that provides a framework for all of the subatomic particles in nature and has been sought for decades.

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    Tianyi Zhu Reporting From Israel Physics Competition

    The Gregory School in Tucson sent its first-ever team to Weizmann's International Safecracking Tournament – and placed fourth! The contest requires that high schoolers use principles of physics to build a safe, which they then pit against other's creations during competition on campus. Team member Tianyi Zhu covers their journey to Israel.

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    ""Leaders and Lifters"" Help Ants Move Massive Meals

    Weizmann scientists have solved a longstanding mystery: exactly how ants work together to move large objects. BBC News reports that most of the ants do the ""heavy lifting,"" while a few scouts guide them back to the nest. As the Weizmann team said, the ants ""appear to have a mathematically perfect balance between individuality and conformism.""

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  • AmoebaBuddySystem
    Amoeba Buddy System

    Amoebae are everywhere – including in polluted water, where they can cause devastating disease. In a classic example of the power of interdisciplinary research, biochemist Prof. David Mirelman and physicist Prof. Elisha Moses were collaborating on a study of amoeba reproduction when a late-night discovery changed everything.

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    Best People, Best Science

    The Weizmann Institute's most important asset is its people. That's why the Institute is committed to recruiting and nurturing some of the world's brightest young researchers. Here, six impressive new scientists – Drs. Ronen Eldan, Ofer Firstenberg, Yifat Merbl, Neta Regev-Rudzki, Nir London, and Efi Efrati – share how the Institute is helping them make breakthroughs in areas ranging from malaria to optics.

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    Back to Basics, Forward to the Future

    The Weizmann Institute conducts basic science research, but what, exactly, is that? Go with Profs. Uri Alon, Roy Bar-Ziv, Israel Dostrovsky, Shafi Goldwasser, Yair Reisner, Leo Sachs, Idit Shachar, Eran Segal, Ady Stern, and Dan Tawfik on a tour of basic science research: what is, how it has benefitted humankind, and how it will likely shape the future.