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    RSA: Panel calls NSA access to encryption keys a bad idea

    The government wants ""back door"" access to encryption keys – for the sake of security. Cryptographers who design the keys, and much of the public, think this is a bad idea – for the sake of privacy. At the 2015 RSA conference, Weizmann's Prof. Adi Shamir (the ""S"" in RSA) and others talk about security, ransomware, and whether safety is possible.

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    Unsafe and Sound

    The Economist reports on a major threat to cybersecurity: a way to break the widely used RSA encryption, which was co-developed by Weizmann's Prof. Adi Shamir (the ""S"" in RSA). With a new method called acoustic cryptanalysis, spies can listen to a computer's hum and whirr and determine the RSA key. The spy who broke the code? Prof. Shamir himself.

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    Israeli Scientist Prof. Adi Shamir Wins Japan Prize for Cryptography Work

    The Weizmann Institute’s Prof. Adi Shamir, a legendary pioneer in cryptography and online security, was one of three scientists to receive the 2017 Japan Prize. The award honors scientists and engineers “who have made significant contributions to the advancement of science and technology, thereby furthering the cause of peace and prosperity of mankind.”

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