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    Nanostructures Made in Solar Furnace Using Sunlight

    As <em>The Jerusalem Post</em> reports, a group of scientists, including Weizmann's Prof. Reshef Tenne and his team, have created a new type of ""misfit"" nanostructure. The scientists created a sort of ""solar furnace"" made of ""highly concentrated solar radiation"" to produce the miniscule molecular ""closed-cage"" nanostructures, which have unique properties.

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    Solar Guru Jacob Karni Wants to Heat Up the Gas Industry

    <em>The Australian</em> profiles the Weizmann Institute's Prof. Jacob Karni, who is bringing his advances in solar technology to Australia. A new company, NewCO2Fuels, aims to ""help the operations of the nation's biggest gas companies become more efficient and environmentally friendly.""

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    Factory Waste Morphs Into Clean Syngas

    Israel21c covers the latest advance in Prof. Jacob Karni's award-winning method for producing clean energy. The process, being brought to market by NewCO2Fuels, takes a wasted source of energy – the heat put out by factories – and converts its CO2 into synthetic gas which, in turn, is used for products like plastic, fertilizer, and liquid fuel.

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    Capturing the Sun: Weizmann Scientists at The Gregory School

    Prof. David Cahen, head of the Weizmann Institute's Alternative Energy Research Initiative, and colleague Prof. Leeor Kronik discuss humankind's energy problem – specifically, that we cannot keep using energy as we do today – and potential solutions, such as use of highly efficient solar power. The event was held at The Gregory School in Tucson.