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    Israeli Startup Aims to Harness Excess Industrial Heat to Transform CO2, Water Into Fuel

    The Jerusalem Post reports that Rehovot-based firm NewCO2Fuels aims to harness extreme heat that is currently emitted – and wasted – by factories, and use it to drive an innovative fuel production process that was developed by Weizmann's Prof. Jacob Karni. This ""recycled"" heat will replace solar in a method for producing synthetic gas.

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    New Diagnostic Test Distinguishes Bacterial from Viral Infections

    Israeli startup MeMed is receiving funding and accolades for a test that determines whether an infection is bacterial or viral, thus helping prevent antibiotic overuse. As Iton Gadal reports, the test is already being used by hospitals in the EU, Switzerland, and Israel. MeMed was founded by Eran Eden, who received a doctorate from Weizmann.

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  • Abbott Steps Up Presence in Israeli Market

    After only a few months, Abbott Labs has already seen results from its collaboration with the Weizmann Institute. The partnership is expected to benefit areas such as drug development and less-expensive methods of diagnosis, which could particularly help developing countries.

  • Web Gems: Introducing the Winners of the First Annual Labbies, "The Scientist" Magazine's Prizes for the Best Web-Based Multimedia by Labs

    The Scientist established the Labby Multimedia Awards in order to highlight the best websites by labs. The Weizmann Institute's Prof. Joel Sussman and his Proteopedia site took the inaugural first prize.

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    How Israel's First Computer Was Built in a Bike-Repair Shop

    Haaretz covers the history of the Weizmann Institute's WEIZAC (Weizmann Automated Computer), the first electronic computer in Israel and one of the first in the world. From humble beginnings, WEIZAC became a national icon, teaching a new wave of researchers and becoming the catalyst for Israel's identity as a start-up nation.

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    A Biotech Tale: The Israeli Scientist Who is Waging War on Cancer

    Mickey Kertesz, who received his doctorate in computational biology from the Weizmann Institute's Feinberg Graduate School, has co-founded a startup that has streamlined DNA-sequencing techniques. He believes the technology will change the battlefield on which scientists fight diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and depression.

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    Camera “Sees” Through Skin, Around Corners

    Weizmann researchers have invented a camera that can see through nearly opaque surfaces such as skin or frosted glass — and even around corners. While it's still in the early stages, the technology points the way to noninvasive cancer diagnostics.

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    One Atom + Two Photons = Quantum Computing Switch

    Dr. Barak Dayan and the quantum optics group at Weizmann have made a quantum computing breakthrough, recently published in Science. As IEEE Spectrum reports, Dr. Dayan can use a single atom to switch the direction of a single photon, which ""could pave the way toward quantum computers much more powerful than today's machines.""

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    Solar Guru Jacob Karni Wants to Heat Up the Gas Industry

    <em>The Australian</em> profiles the Weizmann Institute's Prof. Jacob Karni, who is bringing his advances in solar technology to Australia. A new company, NewCO2Fuels, aims to ""help the operations of the nation's biggest gas companies become more efficient and environmentally friendly.""