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Back in Time: Weizmann Institute 2020 Year in Review


2020 was a difficult year for humanity, but one that demonstrated the power of science to heal our world. In this video, we look back at the Institute’s remarkable progress—starting with its rapid response to the coronavirus crisis. From developing potential vaccines and treatments to modeling a smart lockdown plan, Weizmann scientists such as Dr. Nir London and Prof. Sarel Fleishman were key players in the global fight against the virus.  

At the same time, the Institute’s groundbreaking research in other areas never stopped—from cancer to heart repair, chronic pain to quantum physics, and far beyond. Weizmann also held science education classes and debates online, while becoming a home away from home for students from abroad. In addition, the Institute entered historic partnerships with other research institutions. 

With these impressive achievements, the Weizmann Institute is ready to face 2021 with optimism and hope.